How Does One Worship – Part 2

This is the fourth sermon in a series of messages on the theme of worship. This message continues discussing how we should worship the Lord. We not only need to worship Him in spirit and in truth (previous sermon), but we should worship with our words and with our conduct.

How Does One Worship? – Part 1

This is the third sermon in a series of messages on the topic of worship. This message begins to discuss some of the key descriptions of authentic worship. Real genuine worship must be offered in spirit and in truth. To read excerpts of this message, click here.

Communion with Christ

This sermon was given for the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. It emphasizes the importance of Christians living in such a way to communicate to others that we are in communion with Christ rather than communion with devils. To read excerpts of the message, click here.

Why Worship?

This sermon is the second one in a series of messages on worship. This message focuses on the motivations and reasons for worshiping God. We worship God to reveal the motives for our faith. We worship to reveal and exalt the true character of God. And we worship in order to refocus on eternal realities rather…

What Is Worship?

This is a sermon that attempts to define worship and how it applies to us and our relationship with God. It describes some of the attributes of worship and corrects some misconceptions of worship. To read excerpts of the sermon, click here.

What Is a Mom?

This message was given on Mother’s Day and it attempts to describe some of the roles or tasks that moms perform as illustrated in various passages of Scripture. To read excerpts of the sermon click here.

Heaven on Earth

This is a sermon that explores the fact that we don’t have to wait until we get to heaven in order to sense God’s holy presence because we can have His Spirit within us. It also speaks about the need for God’s people to live so that the darkness around us is overcome by heaven’s influence…

Because He Lives

This is an Easter message that emphasizes some of the benefits we have because of the resurrection that are explained in various passages of Scripture. To read excerpts of the message, click here.

Anatomy of a Denial

This is a sermon that was preached on Palm Sunday. It emphasizes the factors that precipitated Peter’s denial of the Lord while Jesus was on trial at the home of the high priest. It provides helpful insights for us to avoid Peter’s failure. Written excerpts of the message can be read by clicking here.

The Path to Revival

This is a sermon that was given during the Lenten season to motivate prayer and interest in personal and corporate spiritual revival. The message was based upon several different passages of Scripture that emphasize revival. To read excerpts of the message click here.