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Conformed or Transformed

This is a sermon that is based on Romans 12:2 and it speaks about the need for Christians to avoid the typical thought patterns and philosophies of the world and be truly Christian in our minds. To read excerpts of this message, click here.

Exclusive Faith

This is a sermon based on John 14:6 where Jesus makes the claim to be the only way to God. It examines the claims made in this verse and evaluates them in light of what the Bible reveals about Jesus Christ. The message stresses the fact that Christianity is an exclusive religion if we accept…

How Does One Worship? – Part 1

This is the third sermon in a series of messages on the topic of worship. This message begins to discuss some of the key descriptions of authentic worship. Real genuine worship must be offered in spirit and in truth. To read excerpts of this message, click here.

Communion with Christ

This sermon was given for the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. It emphasizes the importance of Christians living in such a way to communicate to others that we are in communion with Christ rather than communion with devils. To read excerpts of the message, click here.

Why Worship?

This sermon is the second one in a series of messages on worship. This message focuses on the motivations and reasonsĀ for worshiping God. We worship God to reveal the motives for our faith. We worship to reveal and exalt the true character of God. And we worship in order to refocus on eternal realities rather…

Rejoicing Always

This is a sermon that was given on Thanksgiving Communion Sunday and it is based on 1 Thessalonians 5:16, “Rejoice Evermore.” It emphasizes the importance of being thankful and “doing joy” even when circumstances are less than favorable. To read a more complete text of this message go here.

Redemption: Believers’ Highest Pursuit

This is the final message in a series of messages on the topic of Redemption. This sermon emphasizes the importance of living as a redeemed individual in this world. Salvation is more than our “ticket to heaven.” It also affects the way we live our everyday lives. To read a more complete transcript of the…

The Remedy for Error

This is a message based on Matthew 22:29 when Jesus explains to the Sadducees why they erred regarding the resurrection.

More Than Impressive Talk

A sermon based on I Corinthians 4:1-5, 14-21