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What Does a Church Need?

This sermon is the sixth and final message in a series of sermons on the church of Jesus. Two messages spoke about “What a Church Is;” three messages were on the topic, “What a Church Does;” and this final message speaks about “What a Church Needs.” The sermon focuses on two needs of any church:…

Living Faith: Reaching the Goal

This sermon is the ninth and final message in a series of sermons on the New Testament book of James. The sermon speaks about the topics of patience, prayer, and restoration in the believer’s quest to reach the final goal – eternity with Christ. To read excerpts of this message, click here. An outline that…

Father Abraham

This is a message that was given on Father’s Day using comments about Abraham in Genesis 18:19. The sermon uses the four facts stated about Abraham in this verse to encourage present day fathers in their awesome role as the father/leader in their families. To read excerpts of this sermon, click here.

He’s Been There, Done That

This sermon is based on Hebrews 12:2-3 and explores the reasons why Christians are urged to keep their focus on Jesus while going through life. We receive encouragement by remembering three main things about Jesus: what He went through, who He is, and He is always with us. To read excerpts of this sermon, click…

God’s Love Is so Precious

This sermon is based on the words of Psalm 36:7 in which the Psalmist declares that God’s lovingkindness is precious. The message begins by giving a definition and a description of the word “precious,” then presents various reasons why God’s love is so precious. To read excerpts of this sermon, click here.

Nurture and Admonish

This sermon was given on a Sunday in which Pastor Les and Kris’ infant grandson was dedicated to the Lord. The message is based on Eph. 6:4 regarding the Apostle Paul’s instructions to bring up our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. To read excerpts of the sermon, click here.

Living to Please God

This is a sermon that explores what the Bible has to say about pleasing God. Several passages of Scripture are used which speak of various actions that are pleasing to the Lord. When we say that we want to conduct our lives in a way that is pleasing to the Lord, what does that entail?…

Something Worth Dying For

This is a message that relates to the observance of the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Using a slogan that was recently launched by the Nike Corporation in an advertising campaign, this sermon focuses on much more important issues than “selling athletic shoes.” Are we Christians who are sincere enough about our…

A Father’s Awesome Privilege

This is a sermon given for Father’s Day that emphasizes the privilege fathers (and all parents) have in teaching their children the ways that God has performed miracles and provided daily needs for His people, so that the children will grow up trusting in the Lord themselves. Written excerpts of this message can be read…

Anatomy of a Denial

This is a sermon that was preached on Palm Sunday. It emphasizes the factors that precipitated Peter’s denial of the Lord while Jesus was on trial at the home of the high priest. It provides helpful insights for us to avoid Peter’s failure. Written excerpts of the message can be read by clicking here.