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God’s Plans to Prosper His People

Guest speaker, Rev. Russ Smith, speaks on the text in Jeremiah 29:11 and discusses God’s promise to prosper His people. Outline of the Sermon: I.     God’s plans for prosperity comes in the midst of punishment. II.    Give place to God’s definition of “prosper.” III.   Purpose to be productive in the present. IV.   God’s plan includes…

Looking for a City

This is a sermon on the topic of heaven as described in Rev. 21 and 22. Heaven is a place of perfect fellowship, perfect safety and perfect provisions. To read a more complete text of this sermon go here.

Redemption: Sinners’ Smartest Option – Part 2

This is the sixth sermon in a series of messages on the topic of redemption. This message focuses on the work that God does in the heart of the believer when the conditions for faith have been fulfilled. To view written excerpts of this message click here.