Tag: Holy Spirit

How Does One Worship? – Part 1

This is the third sermon in a series of messages on the topic of worship. This message begins to discuss some of the key descriptions of authentic worship. Real genuine worship must be offered in spirit and in truth. To read excerpts of this message, click here.

Heaven on Earth

This is a sermon that explores the fact┬áthat we don’t have to wait until we get to heaven in order to sense God’s holy presence because we can have His Spirit within us. It also speaks about the need for God’s people to live so that the darkness around us is overcome by heaven’s influence…

This Is the Way

This is a message based on Isaiah 30:21 and it emphasizes our need for guidance from the Lord.

The Comforter Has Come

This sermon was preached by Pastor Les on May 15, 2016. It focuses on the role of the Holy Spirit in the world and among believers.