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Exclusive Faith

This is a sermon based on John 14:6 where Jesus makes the claim to be the only way to God. It examines the claims made in this verse and evaluates them in light of what the Bible reveals about Jesus Christ. The message stresses the fact that Christianity is an exclusive religion if we accept…

He’s Not Here, But

This is a sermon that was preached on Resurrection Sunday. It emphasizes some of the similarities in the messages given by the angels at the empty tomb and the angels at the Mount of Olives when Jesus ascended into heaven. The message of hope is, “You will see Him again!” To read excerpts of this…

The Lamb Is Approved

This is the sixth message in a series of sermons given during Lent in which details of the Passover in the Old Testament are compared to the events surrounding the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our salvation. This message speaks about the Passover lamb that was brought into the household and watched for 4 days…

The Rapture of the Church

Rev. Shaw filled the pulpit while Pastor Les was away. The message was about the coming of Jesus to Rapture the Church.

I’ve Been to Calvary

This sermon, given during a communion service, discusses the different people who are reported as being at the cross when Jesus was crucified and making applications for our own responses to His sacrifice on the cross. To read excerpts of this message, click here.

One Greater than Solomon

This sermon is based on the story of the Queen of Sheba coming to visit king Solomon, including the comments that Jesus made about her visit when He was speaking to the Jews in the gospels. To read excerpts of this sermon click here.

Because He Lives

This is an Easter message that emphasizes some of the benefits we have because of the resurrection that are explained in various passages of Scripture. To read excerpts of the message, click here.

Long Live the King

This sermon is the beginning of a series of messages on the Kingdom of God. It introduces the series by providing some¬†Old Testament¬†background for the kingdom of God, Jesus’ emphasis on the message and some basic qualities of the kingdom of God.

Redemption: Sinners’ Smartest Option – Part 2

This is the sixth sermon in a series of messages on the topic of redemption. This message focuses on the work that God does in the heart of the believer when the conditions for faith have been fulfilled. To view written excerpts of this message click here.

Redemption: God’s Wisest Plan – Part 2

This is the fourth sermon in a series of messages on the topic of redemption. This message emphasizes the life and atonement of Jesus Christ, as well as the future redemption of all creation from the effects of the Fall. An extensive written excerpt of the message can be found here.