Tag: Regeneration

Rev. Chester Rowan – Personal Testimony

Rev. Chester Rowan, twin brother of Pastor Les Rowan, shares his personal testimony of recovery from alcoholism and commitment to Christ as his personal Savior.

Growing in the Faith

This is a sermon based on 2 Peter 1:1-4. It is the first in a series of messages on 2 Peter and it emphasizes the necessity and expectation that Christian believers will not become stagnant or remain static in their faith, but will grow and mature in it. To read excerpts of the sermon, click…

Delivered from Egypt

This is a sermon that considers a few questions about Israel’s deliverance from Egypt as related in Psalm 78 and then attempts to make some appropriate spiritual applications for us in our individual walks of faith. To read excerpts of this message, click here.

Redemption: Believers’ Highest Pursuit

This is the final message in a series of messages on the topic of Redemption. This sermon emphasizes the importance of living as a redeemed individual in this world. Salvation is more than our “ticket to heaven.” It also affects the way we live our everyday lives. To read a more complete transcript of the…

Redemption: Sinners’ Smartest Option – Part 2

This is the sixth sermon in a series of messages on the topic of redemption. This message focuses on the work that God does in the heart of the believer when the conditions for faith have been fulfilled. To view written excerpts of this message click here.