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What Does a Church Do?

This is the third sermon in a short series that attempts to explain what the church is and what it does. This message briefly reviews the first two sermons then begins to describe what the church does. The two tasks of the church discussed in this sermon are worship and administering the sacraments. Written excerpts…

What Is a Church?

This is a sermon that attempts to explain the nature of the church from a biblical perspective. The message describes what the church is NOT, and then begins to define what the church is. Various metaphors used in the Bible help define the church and its purpose. This is the first sermon in a short…

Thanksgiving Choirs

This sermon discusses the OT book of Nehemiah, chapter 12, where the writer makes reference to “thanksgiving choirs” that were utilized in the celebration when the rebuilt wall around Jerusalem was dedicated. The sermon provides some contextual details and then points out four observations from the passage and applies them to our responsibility to join…

A Hymn of Praise

This sermon is based on Psalms 103 and expresses the appropriateness of giving praise to the Lord at all times, but especially during the season when our nation recognizes a national day of Thanksgiving. In the Psalm, David provides an appeal for personal praise; a sampling of God’s attributes; and an exhortation for universal praise….

Number One Priority

This message is based on several passages of Scripture and emphasizes the primary mission of the church and all Christian believers – to glorify God. The sermon strives to show that giving praise, adoration, honor and glory to God should be highest priority before we attempt to do anything else for God. This sermon is…

Myths and Mysteries – Prayer

This is the fourth message in a series of sermons discussing some of the common misconceptions Christians hold that are not supported by an accurate understanding of the Scripture. This sermon talks about the “myth” that we can use prayer to manipulate God into doing our wishes if we just make sure we use the…

How Does One Worship – Part 2

This is the fourth sermon in a series of messages on the theme of worship. This message continues discussing how we should worship the Lord. We not only need to worship Him in spirit and in truth (previous sermon), but we should worship with our words and with our conduct.

How Does One Worship? – Part 1

This is the third sermon in a series of messages on the topic of worship. This message begins to discuss some of the key descriptions of authentic worship. Real genuine worship must be offered in spirit and in truth. To read excerpts of this message, click here.

Why Worship?

This sermon is the second one in a series of messages on worship. This message focuses on the motivations and reasons for worshiping God. We worship God to reveal the motives for our faith. We worship to reveal and exalt the true character of God. And we worship in order to refocus on eternal realities rather…

What Is Worship?

This is a sermon that attempts to define worship and how it applies to us and our relationship with God. It describes some of the attributes of worship and corrects some misconceptions of worship. To read excerpts of the sermon, click here.